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Shubra & Satvik // Wedding // Elements, Bangalore

This wedding had more than everything. I'm not kiddin' you. See for yourself. Mad characters, Bikes, a Hindu + Christian Wedding (I haven't included that. I will, I will), crazy dancing, loud laughs and a few tears too. EVERYTHING. 

Oh well, anyways, Shubra sells chocolates for a living (you read my mind - perpetual sugar rush I think :P. BTW do check Happiness Bars out) and Satvik, who himself is on an entrepreneurial journey, has got to be one the coolest dudes ever. So, super cool dude who rides bike meets super 'happy' girl who also rides bike and they fall in love. And that is the story. Pretty much. Oh, and they had fun, a lot of fun, at their wedding. See for yourself. 

I'd like to thank Jayanth from Studio Shivali for letting us shoot this wedding. They are a super talented Video team and you can check the short they did at this wedding here. I shot this with Raj RJ and Romel Dutta

To a 'happily' ever after :)