Culling Images With Quadro - Adding Some Fun To The Process

My laptop screen airplayed onto the TV, while I sit back on my couch with the phone in one hand and a beer in the other! The control palette can be setup anyway you like. Different setup for the palette here. So, basically, I've setup the control palette with functions I use on Photomechanic. I go through an initial round marking all the keeps a 1 star rating. Post this, I do another round of culling and this time round I 'unstar' or 'unrate' the images that don't make the cut (from the initially 'starred' set).There are other ways to achieve this setup, like using an Xbox or Playstation controller, but I didn't have one lying around, and there might be other apps that do the same thing. But, I found this one and it seems to be working for me!I don't really know if it has cut down culling times but its definitely been a lot more fun these past few days :P. Like I said before, the app can be used for more complicated stuff, and I'm going to explore that in the coming weeks. Hopefully it can simplify other tasks in my editing workflow. Fingers crossed, that is while they aren't tapping away on that phone screen of mine. :)