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01. Thank You.

At the outset we would like to thank you for trusting us to cover your wedding. It's obviously a huge responsibilty and the importance of this decision is not lost on us. We guarantee full-hearted intention in everything we do before, during and after your big day.

02. Now Wait

Now that you are all booked, we're pretty much in a holding pattern until 3-4 weeks before your wedding day. We can schedule a call then to go through the wedding in detail. Also, 2 weeks before the wedding, you’ll receive an automated e-mail to pay the remainder of your invoice.

03. Invoices, Contracts & Payments

Invoices, Contracts, and Payments related to your booking can be found here at anytime.

Contract - Click here to view.

04. Your Photo Galleries

All of your high resolution, print-ready images are hosted for 2 years at the galleries that will be linked below.

You will also have access to a “download all” button in the upper right corner of your gallery so you can have a personal backup of every image.

Feel free to share your gallery link with any friends and family. You have the ability to hide any photos you might not want everyone to see when you login with the e-mail address and password provided in the gallery delivery e-mail.