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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?

Natural and photojournalistic photos that capture moments and draw you into the story. We strive to capture the unique story of each couple, which is only natural since each story is beautifully different. This results in honest imagery that tells it like it is.

Do you do engagement/couple portrait sessions?

Yeah! I would love to shoot your engagement/portrait session even if you are planning on having your wedding somewhere else. Don't forget that I'm open to travel to any destination and would love to capture your wedding day too.

How about family portraits? 

Yeah why not! It'll be a fun family day out - like a picnic. Lets pack some beer, food and my camera and we'll be set!

Do you travel for weddings? 

Yes! Absolutely! Of course! I love travel. Who doesn't? If you are having a destination wedding, take me with you and I will document the whole thing. 

How many weddings do you shoot in a year? 

In order to offer the highest quality experience possible for the couples that I work with, I only shoot 20-25 weddings a year.

What are your wedding package rates?

My weddings with two photographers and full-day coverage start at INR. 1.2L. Regular portrait sessions start at INR. 30K. Get in touch for a customised pricing. 

What does full day coverage mean?

It means exactly that: full-day photo coverage of your wedding day from start to finish. If you need to start getting ready at 5 am, we will be there. If your reception moments last into the wee hours of the morning, we can be there too. It's all up to you what your day consists of, and we will be there to capture it.

And where do you live? 

Bangalore, India. Drop by for some Dosa and coffee!

How far do you book out? 

Anywhere from 2 weeks to a year. 

How many photos will we receive?

On average I usually deliver between 400-700 photos for a full day.

Do you do albums as well?

Oh yes! Check out an example here

Can you make everything black and white except for my bindi? How much does that cost?

You know the answer to that :P

Dogs or Cats?