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hold on to the good.

Story-teller. Dog-lover. Coffee-drinker. Geometric-alignment-seeker. Traveller. Heavy-sleeper.

I'm not much with words but here goes. I live in Bangalore, IN with my wife (Mansi), daughter (Aira) and our dog (Pho). Its quite a madhouse but, I love it and them!

I also love the rains. It makes me happy. And the mountains. The mountains make me happy.

Actually, I like happy people and I like being around them. Hence, weddings!

I want you to enjoy your wedding day. Have fun. I'll have fun. We'll have fun. And we'll make some happy fun pictures along the way.
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Hello. I'm Nikhil Shastri and I'm a Wedding Photographer based in Bangalore, India.

I am an introvert turned extrovert who listens to podcasts while walking Pho and playing a game of dots. I used to watch the TV while studying which easily transitioned into me picking up my dads camera while trying to become an engineer.

After dabbling in a multitude of career choices, including being a 'Sandwich Artist' at Subway, I stumbled on being a photographer.

I've been a Wedding Photographer for close to 4 years now, documenting weddings and portrait sessions in some of the most incredibly gorgeous little corners of India and the World.
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We are what we repeatedly do,
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


“Someday we’ll all be gone
But our stories might live on
In the photographs we take
And the memories we make.”
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We really do love shooting weddings and we give it our absolute all and so it's always nice to receive something in return. Here are a few testimonials that made our day!
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Archana & Abhinav

You did a wonderful job!

I’ve been contemplating how to phrase this, but I really am at a loss of words. Everything is so beautiful! You’ve captured all the emotions so well.

After my husband, you’re the best decision I made for this wedding. And a close second! 😛

Thank you. We all loved it. I want to thank Ayushi and Raj as well. Please do that for me! I’m overwhelmed with the photos.

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