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Fearless Photographers, 2018.

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Hello. My name is Nikhil and I’m a

Wedding Photographer based in Bangalore, IN.

I live with my wife, an 2year old Shih-Tzu who thinks he is the alpha, and my 20 month old daughter who is the alpha. I’ve been a full-time wedding photographer for 4+ years, documenting weddings and families in some of the most gorgeous little corners of India and the World.

After my husband, you’re the best decision I made for this wedding. And a close second!



I like having fun.

I want you to enjoy your wedding day. 

I want to enjoy your wedding day. And we’ll make some nice pictures along the way. 

My style is defined by the relationship I share with my clients and their close friends and family. It is very important for you to have complete confidence in my ability and be yourself while I enjoy the wedding and make pictures.

Indian weddings are unforgiving with regards to space and being there, in the thick of things, with my big camera/s, and being relatively invisible to not interfere with the goings on requires a tremendous amount of trust. This is what leads to real moments while being inches away.


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